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Cloud Ships

cloud ship

We are not alone.  I know that sounds like a statement out of a movie, but sometimes truth is stranger then fiction.  Last week I was standing in the kitchen at my job and when I looked out the large picture window I saw a cloud ship.  The picture I AM using in this post is not the cloud ship, but it was the closest I could find that resembled what I saw.  Just picture it without the bottom two ovals.  I was transfixed.  Someone walked into the kitchen and I turned around to see who it was, but they walked in and out.  When I turned back to the window, the cloud ship was starting to dissipate.  It did not float away, it literally dissipated.  With the veils thinning more and more, we are BEcoming aware of our proximity and access to many dimensions.  My consciousness is shifting and opening up to all that was previously not in my vibrational frequency to experience.

I did not plan on sharing this information, but for reasons of their own, Spirit was nudging me to share it.  I feel partly so that I continue to step more fully into who I AM and embrace the wonders of the “New Earth”, as well as Spirit wanting information to BE brought forward for those who are also ready to embrace it.  Definitely BEing nudged out of my comfort zone in what I AM sharing.