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My Twin Flame Journey: Communication


My Beloved and I have been in communication.  It started back in January which is no coincidence since we moved into 2017 (a one year, new beginnings).  So far we have been texting, we have talked on the phone a few times as well as having spent some time together a couple of times.  The energy feels different, calmer.  He has been honest and said he is still in a relationship, so we have both released all expectation and stay in the present moment.  We both agree we are happier when we are able to communicate with each other.  We have both surrendered to what is in this present moment.

So far we have not shut down and pulled away, but we have learned to work through what comes up now for the both of us.  We recently tried to spend some time together and it did not work out.  I was disappointed of course, but my guidance said “be patient, things are unfolding.”   I AM standing in my faith that all is well.

As I move forward I AM in allowance.  I can only trust what is in my heart.  The journey continues.

A Message from the Pleiadians

Pleadian Council

The flood of Light continues.  Release all fear as that will only lower your vibration.  We, your Pleiadian brothers and sisters, are excited to be connecting with those open to these communications.  We see those who are stepping in to leadership roles, not as someone who is trying to control, but those who have chosen to show the way.  These energies are crucial to the evolution of Humanity.  Depending where each is in their journey, each experience will be different.  Each a unique creation expressed.  Can you not see the beauty in all of the creation?  What is it you wish to create my brothers and sisters?  Express your multi-dimensionality, anchoring all to create Heaven on Earth.

We look forward to continued communication.  We send Love and Peace, a connection through our heart portals.