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The Art of Discernment


Yesterday I read a facebook post and I feel it prompted this post.  I AM a lover of the art of expression through the written word and it truly saddens me when something written or said is picked apart until the true essence of the original message is destroyed.  As someone who loves to read and write, it is crucial that we begin to use our discernment when taking in any information.  I feel that all is written and spoken at the level of awareness that individual is at.  Does it make it wrong?  All is relative.  We should take what resonates with us and leave the rest.  As we are all an expression of the Divine Creator (God) we are in fact experiencing our realities on many different levels.

When I write I infuse it with the Light of Love that I AM.  My intent is for those reading my words to be able to feel with their hearts the true meaning and intent in what I write, not just mentally try to comprehend what is written.  Discernment.  How does it feel to you?  As a society where the mind has been put before the heart, we are finally experiencing the shift of the heart again taking its rightful place in our interactions.  I find in my own interactions with others when they experience the Love that emanates from me it can garner different reactions.  Some embrace this feeling of Love, while others experience Love as something uncomfortable.  They may not on a conscious level be aware of why they are uncomfortable (however that shows up for them) but they are.  As everything holds its on vibrational frequency, when we can begin to come to this understanding, we can begin to not take things as personally.  I did not say this was an easy task, that I can vouch for.  It does not make the feelings that are being triggered any less painful, but when we can go within and reflect on what has been triggered, we can gain clarity and eventually the emotional “zing” so to speak, is lessened.

Whether through written, spoken or one on one interactions, as we move deeper into ourselves (as in an onion, each layer removed only brings us closer to our true core BEing).  We are vast, cosmic BEings, the depths we are only beginning to understand and appreciate.  As with all, use discernment.