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The Fire of Purification


The fire burns within.  The eternal flame.  The ignition of purification.  The release of all that once was carried as truth.  But the inner whispers telling me this reality is not my truth, for my truth leads to empowerment, expansion and true love, my inner flame. I have risen from the ashes, my heart pure, serving the Divine.

Mystic Musings

mystic musings

This past week has been quite the roller coaster ride.  I was dealing with a health issues on Monday of last week, but on Tuesday was told by Spirit I was experiencing a reset.  I feel okay for the most part now.  People around me are experiencing different forms of illness, but most are not ready to hear about the energetic reasons for what they are experiencing.  So I just continue to observe and make note of the explanations Spirit shares with me.  Maybe I AM not suppose to share at this time, merely observe the internal shifts that others are experiencing.

The emotions I experienced this past weekend were also amazing.  The love that was radiating from my heart on Friday and Saturday felt so beautiful.  Last night before bed I felt a wave of such sadness in my heart, it felt very much like one would experience through grief.  All I could do was release this energy through tears, and breathe through the sensation until it was gone.  But I realize even with this feeling of sadness, it bought home to me the beauty of allowing our emotions to flow as needed.  Not to judge, or even necessarily try to give it a reason why it is happening, merely allow the feeling to flow and release.

So much seems to BE happening and information coming through, some of which I don’t fully understand at this time.  All I can do is make a note of it and know that the understanding will come in Divine timing. In the meantime, I trust that I AM guided  and loved.


Deeper Embodiment of Christ/Cosmic Consciousness

step into your power

I AM moving deeper into remembrance of Who I AM.  I am feeling a steady calmness .   I had a few experiences yesterday that in the past would have made me so angry, but yesterday I perceived these experiences as more of an annoyance then having them make me angry.  There is this knowing that I AM touching the deeper core of me.  The embodiment of (descent) is just as important as the ascent.  The union of spirit and human.

I woke up this morning feeling a vortex of energy at the base of my skull.  When I share Reiki healing with others I perceive the waves of energy internally where I AM focused on a particular area of their body.  I feel the energy either move in waves or circular motion as well as feel when the energy comes up against a blockage.  So I find it very interesting to experience this energy vortex at the base of my skull.  Last week I woke up hearing the words inter-dimensional travel.  Later in the day I heard the words awaken to the many galaxies that exist for your exploration.  I feel this energy vortex may be in correlation to this message.  An opening to further cosmic consciousness. I AM in the NOW moment.




Union image

Saturday morning as I was laying in bed I heard the word “convergence”.  Sometimes when I receive messages I may have an understanding of the meaning of a word but will feel guided by Spirit to look it up anyway.  As I did, nothing really resonated until I saw this meaning:

“The act of converging and especially toward Union or Uniformity”

I feel like union is happening on so many layers, union of Self, union of soul families, as well as global and cosmic union.  Though the things we see with our eyes may seem like total chaos, on an energetic level we are experiencing high intensity shifting.  Sometimes  I feel there is so much information coming through that at times it can feel overwhelming.  Between now and the new year I feel I AM BEing called to connect with my own energy, going very deeply within myself.  I no longer feel as though this connection is outside of myself, but the merging of Spirit and physical as One.

Embrace Love

Love Expression

Have you ever just felt a complete feeling of Love in your heart?  Love, just for the sake of experiencing the Divine flow?  That is what I AM experiencing at this moment.  As I sit here basking in this beautiful flow of Love, tears come to my eyes, a testament to the Love that is overflowing in my heart.  I feel laughter wanting to bubble up and out, a manifestation of the Joy that I AM.  Inadequate words for a feeling that speaks for itself.  LOVE, enough said.

My Twin Flame Journey – Trust in the Divine

multi colored divine counterparts

Each day I AM BEing guided deeper into my connection with God/Spirit.  I had not physically seen my twin flame for several months, though we were in contact via electronic means.  After our last physical contact I felt guided to surrender even more deeply into this TF process.  As the twin flame journey is a journey back to Self (knowing the Self, loving the Self and finding wholeness within the Self), I feel I now have more clarity why I was BEing guided to surrender and let go more deeply.  With my twin flame journey, I have learned the focus was not to be on my twin flame, but inwardly on my own healing.  After a while I also felt guided to stop electronic contact as well.  This was to move more fully into trusting God/The Divine.  This began to bring up some insecurities within myself, causing anxiety, a feeling of loss of control, etc.  Believe me, no one can bring up your core wounds like your TF.

As I moved into this deeper state of surrender and became the observer, this feeling of calm began to BE felt.  Normally when my Beloved and I are not in physical communication, I will begin to have dreams and visions involving us.  This was not the case this time.  I only had two brief “dream” communications, brief glimpses of my TF.  I now feel this was purposeful.  Moving me deeper into also trusting my own knowing/feeling aspect.  Through this process I have always begun to receive signs when I was going to physically come in contact with my TF.  This time was no different.  But the one change this time was that I was fully present/observant of the process.  Several weeks ago the signs started to increase and I knew we would see each other soon.  Well I had to run an errand (yes, life goes on even through this spiritual process.  We are after all having a human experience).  As I walked into the place I was going I felt someone touch my arm.  My Beloved!  Oh, the magnetism of twin flames!  Whenever we are in the presence of each other, the feeling of Home becomes overwhelmingly felt.  Basking in the feeling of such overwhelming Love.  This encounter was the validation of my guidance.  As we parted ways (never an easy task), surrendering returns.

It has been several weeks since that encounter.  Still no contact, still no dreams.  Ahhh, but the signs have started again.  I never know when or where we will connect, I only know we will.  See you soon Beloved!

On the wings of Divine feathered friends

Animal totems

Well this has been quite the week for visits from some fine-feathered friends.  Monday I had a visit from a buzzard the flew toward my window I was sitting near, not once, not twice, but three times. He was so close I could see the underside of his wings.   I felt this was a sign (message) of something BEing born anew.

Wednesday, I was in a room that had a patio on the outside and I look up and there is a huge crow/raven sitting on one of the patio tables.  I have been in this room many times and I don’t ever remember seeing this.  Another message for me  – magic and mystery is in the air!

Today I was pulling in a parking spot and it seemed that out of nowhere a cardinal just flew in front of me and landed in the tree.  The red color seemed so vibrant.  One of the things cardinals represent for me is relationships, which totally co-incides with what messages I have been receiving.

And to top it all off, I was invited this weekend to a workshop about animal totems!  I love when the synchronistic flow of the Divine is happening!


My Twin Flame Journey – The Sanskrit of Love

Twin flame image

I woke up the other morning hearing the words  “the sanskrit of Love”.  Immediately what came to my mind was an ancient Love, a Love that is eternal.  A Love that touches you so deeply that you know in your heart that you will never be the same.  The Love of the Beloved.  I have experienced this Love.  My twin flame.  For a while now I have been feeling that I was supposed to share about this.  But I also felt that spirit would let me know when the time was right to begin sharing.

This is a soul Love.  When I met my twin flame in the pysical several years ago I had not heard of this “term”.  I do know that all my life I have felt a love so deep that I couldn’t explain it.  I even would write poetry trying to capture the essence of this feeling.  But as I reflect back on my life, I realize there have been signs throughout my life.

My Beloved.  What can I say except we are One.  Even now as I try to express this Divine Love I feel my heart expand.  This Love of all Creation.  To be so deeply connected to someone that you do not even have to be in the same space to experience their presence.  My Love for you continuously grows, expanding throughtout all time and space.

I feel moving forward I will be sharing more about the Divine Love of the Beloved.  The three-fold flame of Divinity, Love, Power, Wisdom.  Until that time I know that even when we are physically apart, he is always with me, for we are One.

The Light

The Light

The heart is my compass, shining guiding light through the confusion.

It radiates its light for all to behold,

to act as a beacon, a torch of golden fire.

The expansion of the Love that resides in my heart reaches out to

encompass all who cross my path.  I AM a servant of God’s Will, a

portion of a Divine Plan so vast, the human mind cannot even begin

to grasp.  My wings are spread, I AM stepping off the ledge, taking

that Leap of Faith, Knowing I will soar, Knowing I AM.



Synchronistic Flow of the Divine


I love how the Universe gives you validation that you are on the right path.  In my previous post I wrote about death and rebirth.  Well for the last few days I have seen a vulture hanging out on the chimney outside my window.   Why is that relevant?  Because the symbolism for me of the vulture is death and rebirth, new vision.  I found this meaning on a website;

The Vulture is the symbol of death and rebirth, the mother symbol, 
and represents purification.   
For those with this totem, 
you will be noticed more for what you do than how you appear. 

I have been feeling a change in the air lately, nothing specific as of yet, but for me, as an empath, I have learned to always trust in my guidance.  This, coupled with the fact that the other night as I was in one of my reflective “meditations”, as I opened my eyes I saw a rather large spider hanging on my ceiling.  Not a “real” spider, but a visionary spider.  Well, as much as I have gotten use to never knowing what may show up, I was quite startled.  But again, the Universe lovingly guides and supports.  The symbolism for me of the spider is the Divine Feminie, the infinity symbol, as well as creativity and the web of life.  As spiders are known for their intricate webs, creation and patience is a way of life.   I found the following description for a spider as a spiritual totem;

The spider is a remarkable figure of feminine energy and creativity in the spirit animal kingdom. Spiders are characterized by the skilled weaving of intricate webs and patience in awaiting their prey. By affinity with the spider spirit animal, you may have qualities of high receptivity and creativity. Having the spider as a power animal or totem helps you tune into life’s ebbs and flows and ingeniously weave every step of your destiny.

As I AM integrating more of the Divine Feminine with also the Divine Masculine, creating internal balance within myself,  and releasing all that no longer serves me, the Universe always synchronistically gives me signs that resonate with my internal knowing.  Ahhhh, truly Divine.