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I AM ONE with Source.  My molecular and cellular structure is vibrating at a frequency that allows me to BE One with Source.  We all are One with Source, but all have not had that full remembrance as of yet.  And that is ok. We are awakening to this knowing.  Some at a more accelerated pace then others, but all is in Divine Order and we are all where we are meant to BE in this moment.  As our humanness and our Spirits merge, we bring this knowledge, this knowing into our physical reality.  These are exciting times for we have the power to create great change.  I AM ONE.  This is my experience.  What do you wish to experience?

Embrace Your Divinity


Most of us believe we are separate from our Divinity. This is not Truth. The only constant is change. Creation is constantly changing, shifting and evolving, Expansion. Most people fear change. They think if things don’t change then they will be/feel safe. In actually it will be experienced as stagnation. At our core we are Divine Creation. We each have a spark of the Creator within us. But when we don’t recognize this piece of ourselves, we cannot see the inter-connectedness of All That Is. We then begin to feel separate from our Source. Let me assure you that humanity is evolving at an accelerated rate. With this evolution, our conscious awareness expands. We begin to remember who we really are.

At the current moment our world may appear more chaotic then ever. But as I have said before you cannot put New on an old foundation. So what appears as chaos is in actually change manifesting. As everything is energy, then our vibration can have an effect on what we attract to us in life. When we choose to live in a fear based mentality, your vibration is basically saying to the Universe, yes please, I would like to experience more of what makes me fearful. We should work on shifting our perspective, always keeping an open mind. As we work on our inner wounds, we are able to release the fear that surrounds them, hence helping to elevate our energy vibration. When this begins to happen you will begin to experience a shift in what you attract.

I AM not saying any of this is a walk in the park. What I AM saying is the more we begin to practice self-love and self-healing, the more we are able to embrace our Divinity.