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No More Drama

eyeore drama

This morning someone tried to pull me into a situation I chose not to be a part of.  It had drama written all over it.  I suppose because this person did not get the reaction they were hoping for from me, they chose their next “victim” to share their story with.  Bingo!  Preferred reaction.  One of anger and outrage.  Because I AM an empath, someone choosing to BE in a lower vibrational frequency of drama feels like a wet blanket hanging around me.  I choose not to have a lot of drama in my life and have minimal interactions with those who thrive in that environment.

I believe a person must take some responsibility for the situations they create and should ask themselves why they feel uncomfortable when peace tries to enter their domain.  It has been my observation when others crave a lot of drama, it is because as long as they can point their fingers and their attention can be focused on their external world, they do not have to deal with all the things that rise up within them when things get quiet.  I choose to just send love to this person and situation.

What energy you put out is what returns back to you.  Lets choose LOVE.