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A New Chapter

A New Chapter image

Friday morning as I was waking up I heard two separate things: The first was The White Ray and then Quantum Leaps.  I didn’t hear anything else so I just wrote it in my journal.  Then on Saturday morning as I was waking up I received the following message.

The heart receives but also gives.  Step into the world of the heart.  Last night a doorway opened to BE able to reach new realities, new dimensions, new realms of possibility.  The next level of Creation.  The White Ray of consciousness.  Do not try to understand this from a place of logic, for it cannot BE done.  You have stepped out of a place of logic and into a space of PURE KNOWING.  Do not doubt that this exists, you are one of many.  Remain open; in tune.  Relax and enjoy. Your steps are guided by the White Winged Brotherhood.  Mother Earth (Gaia) is continuously shifting and evolving, like her “human” counterparts, as you are One.  Beloved, you have mastered much, your remembrance continues.  We love you.

I feel this may explain why Friday I felt like I was in a pressure cooker all day.  Things were shifting and evolving on a deeper level.  This feels like a new chapter.  Time will tell.