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The Joys and Sorrows of BEing an Empath

feelings of an empath

I AM an empath. For those who may not be familiar with the term, empaths experience what others are feeling, even when the person is showing the world one “face” , we know what is going on underneath the “surface”.  As I choose to view this as a gift, there are times when it can BE quite overwhelming.  I do not have to BE face to face with someone to pick up on what they may BE feeling.  This can include places as well.  Malls, social interactions, and large crowds can leave me feeling quite worn out.   Enter my spiritual awakening.  Now we are talking feelings on steroids. As I release what no longer serves me, my sensitivity heightens.   After a day of interacting with others, depending on how well my shielding was in place can feel like I have been a punching bag.  Empaths tend to take on the woes of others either consciously or unconsciously.  Our purpose is always to help, which at times can be detrimental to our own well BEing.  The last several months of my Mother’s life my knees hurt in the worst way.  Why?  Because my Mother had arthritis in her knees and I was trying to lessen her pain by taking on hers.  Good for her, not so good for me.  After her passing, the pain was gone like it was never there.  There is also the joy I feel when I AM able to help someone and experience the relief, joy and happiness they are also experiencing.

I participated in a small workshop this pass weekend and not long after I arrived and sat down I begin to experience a pain in my back on the left hand side.  I did not have this pain when I arrived.  At the end of the workshop someone mentioned that they have experienced pain in their kidney on that side of their body.  Oh! That explains it!  As soon as I left the workshop and was no longer in their presence, pain gone.  I know this is all a part of me Becoming who I truly AM.  I look at it as a gift as I AM able to truly connect with others on a deeper level, as I can understand what they are feeling by feeling what they are unable or unwilling to express verbally.  I AM Becoming better at releasing what is not mine, so I do not make the mistake of carrying around what does not BElong to me.  I feel I AM BEing made more consciously aware of this for a reason.  I welcome the expansion of this healing ability.

The gift of personal responsibility

gift of the heart

This “theme” has been coming up for me lately. I have been reflecting on this a lot. I have always loved to help others. It gives me great joy to be of service. But one of the things I have been reflecting on is how much giving is too much. I AM sure we all know people in our life that seem to need a bit more “help” then others. They look to us for advice or assistance in one form or another. And though I feel part of my purpose in life is to support and guide others, I realize there are two sides to every coin. Even with support and guidance the other person or persons will still have to participate in their own life. They have a personal responsibility to themselves.

When the “role” we take on of support and guidance begins to cross that fine line into constant care taking and problem fixing, we then have to ask the question, are we really still helping? The truth is our choices create our reality. So what reality are we creating when we take someone else’s reality and make it our own? No one wants to see anyone suffer or struggle, but just like a caterpillars transformation into a butterfly, sometimes the struggle is in fact necessary for their own transformation.

We are here on earth for the chance to experience the growth of our soul. What a beautiful and empowering gift to give to another then for them to discover their own majestic BEing! I can’t speak for anyone else but how can I know what is best for anyone else, when I AM still discovering what is best for me?