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When is a gift not a gift

I had an AHA moment based on an experience I had recently. It brought up this question for me. When is a gift not a gift? My answer, when it comes with strings attached. When someone gives me a gift, in whatever form that may take, I like to feel it is given from the heart of the giver. But I have come to the realization that some gifts come with strings attached. These strings can take the form of expectations and/or agendas (whether the giver is aware of it or not). The expectation is now that they have given you this gift, somewhere down the line there is an expectation that you now owe that person something in return. This is NOT a gift given from the heart. How will you know when a gift was not given from the heart? When you start to receive questions like, remember when I gave you that gift? Or, where is that gift I gave you? This will begin to happen again and again over time. It then becomes clear that a gfit that you thought was given with love has now become a gift filled with responsibilities to the giver of the gift. Now what once felt light and love filled begins to feel like a chain around your ankle. Please understand my intent is not to appear ungrateful. I am grateful for all blessings bestowed upon me. I just wish to make others aware that some blessings come with an opportunity for a lesson to be learned.