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A Message from Spirit


Yesterday as I was sitting quietly I asked Spirit if there was anything they would like to share.  I heard the words “Yes”.  And then I heard the word “filibuster”.  Now I am familiar with that word in relation to politics.  But that did not feel right.  So I asked Spirit in what context were they using the word.  I heard the following message.


To impede the progress of a certain agenda being perpetrated by the Cabal.

As Lightworkers, it is more important then ever to shine your Light.  To Be pillars and beacons of Light to those who are seeking their own destiny.  Do not think that as Lightworkers the art of “doing” has to always involve actual physical activity.   Every structure needs a strong foundation, if not, then the structure as a whole is not sturdy or steady.  This is what is Being done.  A strong foundation is Being laid/built.

I have not shared a post in a while.  Much is coming through and I AM processing.  But I thought I would share this message.


Cellular and Molecular Changes


This weekend I was shown a vision of cells merging and separating continuously.  The above image looks very close to the colors I received.  We are experiencing deep cellular and molecular change, even if at times we may not be consciously aware of the inner changes that are happening.

Humanity is evolving.  Though there may be some resistance to these changes, know that they are for the greater good.  Get as much rest and quiet time as needed, whatever needs to be done to stay centered in your heart.  Do not fear, for we are BEing called back to our true nature.  Know that all is ultimately LOVE.

Be Aware of Your Own Light

spiritual light

I have had another deep internal shift.  With this shift I AM observing how others are reacting to my Light.  What does that mean?  The reaction to my vibratory frequency.  I AM noticing when some people are in a conversation with me they automatically reach out and touch me, whether on the arm or shoulder.  It seems as they are not even aware of this.  I AM also experiencing others who almost appear clingy.  This is not in judgement but in observation.  I have been asked why they haven’t heard from me, why haven’t I called, perhaps I AM triggering their feelings of past abandonment, so they are experiencing what appears to BE my lack of communication as they are some how losing me.  Last but not least, I have even experienced others appearing to react to me in a very verbally aggressive manner.  Let me just say the energy behind those encounters is not pleasant!

But with these experiences I have to remind myself not to take it personally, for they are not reacting to me due to personal reasons, though it may appear that way.  They are in fact reacting to the way my vibratory frequency is triggering their own inner wounds.  So for those who are drawn to the Love that I AM radiating it appears positive, those who, on a deep subconscious level, are not yet experiencing their own self – Love are having a very different experience.

I have no control over how others react to me, as I can only continue to BE the Love that I AM.  But I can hold those who have not yet remembered their own state of BEing Love in a place of  deep compassion.  All on this journey must go at their own pace.

Rainbows and Moths and Nines, Oh My

clouds and rainbows.jpg

Yesterday was quite an interesting day for me.  In the afternoon as i was sitting at my desk at work, I looked out the big picture window in front of my desk and there was a rainbow coming through the opening in the clouds.  The rest of the sky was relatively cloud covered, so this stood out to me.  Oh rainbow light!  The energies of Unity!


Then last night while I was home relaxing on my couch a moth came out of no where and flew right to me and landed on my chest!  We are all God’s creations but I prefer not to have my signs that up close and personal!  I jumped up startled and it flew off but turned around again and landed on my head!  Hey, what gives!  My light apparently is shining bright if a moth is drawn to it (lol).  So much meaning coming through.


On Sunday, yesterday and today the numbers 9, 99, or 999 have been around me.  I have been experiencing the feeling of something completing but at the same time the feeling of new beginnings – death and rebirth, the cyclical spiral of creation.

I have to admit there are times when I do grow weary on this journey.  But after days like this and some extra needed rest, my excitement for all that is transpiring pours from my heart once again!

Eyes of Light

spirit eyes

I had a dream on Saturday night of the face of a man.  But what stood out the most were his eyes.  He had very beautiful eyes.  It was as though he was looking into my eyes, even though I did not see myself in the dream but was an observer of the dream.  All of a sudden his eyes changed to golden bursts of light radiating outward.

golden burst of light

Picture this type of light coming out of his eyes.  This light kept expanding until it took up my entire field of vision and the dream was gone.  The significance of this dream is I AM BEing infused with the Light of Spirit.  The beauty of Spirit just takes my breath away!

Diamond Light Activation

light activation

Yesterday I experienced a diamond light activation in my third eye.  I was laying down with my eyes closed and all of a sudden the color violet filled my third eye and began pulsating.  Within this violet light was a white diamond shape that was glowing.  Then the color turned to brownish/red and looked liked rocks, then returned back to violet.  This went on for a few seconds.

Perhaps the violet and brownish/red colors are spirit realm and earth truly BEcoming one?  5D energies BEing more fully anchored on earth?  I do not have a full understanding of this activation as of yet, but it was truly amazing to witness.

Cosmic Energies

A supernova remnant located in the Large Magellenic Cloud

I wanted to capture my experience that happened this past Saturday.  I had to work as we were having several events taking place.  But what I became aware of is from the time I arrived at work and as the day progressed, the energy felt very very dense, like moving through sludge.  Things that normally perhaps may have bothered me, did not.  It was as if I was an observer through all of this.   I also kept experiencing pain in my lower back off and on throughout the day.  I did notice at the end of the night, I felt the energy around me begin to become lighter and lighter.  The whole energy dynamic changed.  It  no longer felt like BEing covered in a wet blanket.

I had a moment of clarity that perhaps this was what was meant in my previous post regarding the converter.  The message did mention Saturday.  Because I am very sensitive to energies,  I believe I was feeling the energy BEing converted.  As earth was receiving the light energy relating to the full moon, a lot of denser energies were being released.  Perhaps I especially felt them because of the events I was attending throughout the day and a lot of people were in the area.

Yesterday felt really light and calm to me.  Powerful energies of Love and Light BEing anchored on earth.  I love when I AM able to move into the observer mode, consciously choosing to remain detached and not allowing myself to be drawn into the drama surrounding me.  There is such a feeling of mystery in the air.  I for one am excited to bear witness to all that is New!


The Integration of Heaven on Earth

integration of Heaven and Earth

The veils are thinning.  Gaia is ascending.  With this ascension of Earth, we are also ascending, as there is no separation, so what affects one, affects the other.  With the activations of the gridpoints of Earth, the activations of portals and gateways long dormant, the next phase of the journey begins.

What does that mean for Humanity?  It means the coming together of soul groups and communities.  The Light of one is strong, the Light of many is vast.  As more awaken to their Divinity, the Light of many will shine forth, BEing a beacon for those in the beginning stages of their awakening journey.  That does not mean anyone is better then anyone else, it simply means we are at different stages of our journeys.  Our journeys are lit with our own signposts and with each step we take we are guided forward for our own journey Home.

As we anchor the Light codes we are receiving, we integrate these codes as we connect with Gaia to bring Heaven to Earth.  We are the transmitters of Light, we integrate and anchor, then we emit this Light.  We will attract those who are seeking, as well as those we are seeking.  We must shine our light brightly, for our mission dictates our actions.  Do not take offense to the word dicatates, as with any words we must open ourselves up to the true meanings, not societies meaning, as one may seek to divide, while the other only knows Oneness.  Discernment is essential.

Onward and upward!



Solar Flares

solar flare

I read that we experienced an X-2 class solar flare yesterday and asked my guides what was happening with the solar flares that were taking place.  This is the information I received;

Galactic alignments.  The energies from the solar flares are connecting to the vortexes and portals on Earth.  What does this mean for you?  With the intergration of the incoming energies, you are upgrading your DNA.  Cellular memories are awakening and all that no longer serves you is being released.  On a physical level this may be experienced as skin rashes, tiredness and for others may be experienced as feeling energized.  All is BEing monitored and we honor all whose soul has chosen this path.

So as we can see, all is not always as it seems on a physical level.  Things that we may notice with our physical senses carries deeper meaning.  I am excited for all that is occuring but things can sure feel intense at times!


The Light

The Light

The heart is my compass, shining guiding light through the confusion.

It radiates its light for all to behold,

to act as a beacon, a torch of golden fire.

The expansion of the Love that resides in my heart reaches out to

encompass all who cross my path.  I AM a servant of God’s Will, a

portion of a Divine Plan so vast, the human mind cannot even begin

to grasp.  My wings are spread, I AM stepping off the ledge, taking

that Leap of Faith, Knowing I will soar, Knowing I AM.