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The Integration of Heaven on Earth

integration of Heaven and Earth

The veils are thinning.  Gaia is ascending.  With this ascension of Earth, we are also ascending, as there is no separation, so what affects one, affects the other.  With the activations of the gridpoints of Earth, the activations of portals and gateways long dormant, the next phase of the journey begins.

What does that mean for Humanity?  It means the coming together of soul groups and communities.  The Light of one is strong, the Light of many is vast.  As more awaken to their Divinity, the Light of many will shine forth, BEing a beacon for those in the beginning stages of their awakening journey.  That does not mean anyone is better then anyone else, it simply means we are at different stages of our journeys.  Our journeys are lit with our own signposts and with each step we take we are guided forward for our own journey Home.

As we anchor the Light codes we are receiving, we integrate these codes as we connect with Gaia to bring Heaven to Earth.  We are the transmitters of Light, we integrate and anchor, then we emit this Light.  We will attract those who are seeking, as well as those we are seeking.  We must shine our light brightly, for our mission dictates our actions.  Do not take offense to the word dicatates, as with any words we must open ourselves up to the true meanings, not societies meaning, as one may seek to divide, while the other only knows Oneness.  Discernment is essential.

Onward and upward!




Solar Flares

solar flare

I read that we experienced an X-2 class solar flare yesterday and asked my guides what was happening with the solar flares that were taking place.  This is the information I received;

Galactic alignments.  The energies from the solar flares are connecting to the vortexes and portals on Earth.  What does this mean for you?  With the intergration of the incoming energies, you are upgrading your DNA.  Cellular memories are awakening and all that no longer serves you is being released.  On a physical level this may be experienced as skin rashes, tiredness and for others may be experienced as feeling energized.  All is BEing monitored and we honor all whose soul has chosen this path.

So as we can see, all is not always as it seems on a physical level.  Things that we may notice with our physical senses carries deeper meaning.  I am excited for all that is occuring but things can sure feel intense at times!


The Light

The Light

The heart is my compass, shining guiding light through the confusion.

It radiates its light for all to behold,

to act as a beacon, a torch of golden fire.

The expansion of the Love that resides in my heart reaches out to

encompass all who cross my path.  I AM a servant of God’s Will, a

portion of a Divine Plan so vast, the human mind cannot even begin

to grasp.  My wings are spread, I AM stepping off the ledge, taking

that Leap of Faith, Knowing I will soar, Knowing I AM.



Lovingly Guided

light energy

I felt guided to ask Spirit if there was any message to be shared today.  This is what came through.

All is Love, even when what appears to the physical sight does not appear to be so.  Everything is not as it seems.  The acceleration of the energies are at an all time high, so grounding is important, dare say essential.  Continue to release all that no longer serves you, as each layer that is revealed and released is an opportunity to imbibe more light.  You are Loved.

We each are right where we need to be in our journeys.



A message received

spirit message

I am sharing a message I received when I asked spirit if there was a message that I should share today and this is what I received;

The time is Now. We move forward, creating the New, releasing all that no longer serves us. Your soul has chosen this path. You are embodying the truth of who you are and with this power comes great responsibility. Shine your light for all to see, being a beacon of light for those who choose to follow the Light. We welcome all who choose this path Home. You are Loved.

Even though it may feel like it at times, we are never alone, as we are being lovingly guided as we walk our path.