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Love with an Open Heart

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I AM constantly amazed by the Love flowing from my heart.  Love continually expanding, radiating out to encompass all.  The overwhelming feeling I AM experiencing at time causes tears to flow.  Doing the inner work so that I can release the wounds and traumas that no longer serve me has allowed me to let down the walls that have surrounded my heart.  With this work I have come to the realization that Loving with an open heart brings with it freedom.  I AM no longer loving from a place of fear, but from a space of self acceptance, self – Love and a knowingness that I AM worthy and enough as I AM.  I do not fear experiencing the pain of heart break because I know that any hurt I may experience is my heart BEing broken open, so that I may in fact move deeper into Love.  A constant giving and receiving of Love, the continual contraction and expansion of Creation.

This Love does not have to BE attached to a particular person, place or thing, but reflects all things.  There is no attachment or co-dependence, only wholeness.  I Love with an open heart.




The Healing of Love

broken heart (LOVE)

Sometimes our heart must break in order for it to open up to more LOVE.


Embrace Love

Love Expression

Have you ever just felt a complete feeling of Love in your heart?  Love, just for the sake of experiencing the Divine flow?  That is what I AM experiencing at this moment.  As I sit here basking in this beautiful flow of Love, tears come to my eyes, a testament to the Love that is overflowing in my heart.  I feel laughter wanting to bubble up and out, a manifestation of the Joy that I AM.  Inadequate words for a feeling that speaks for itself.  LOVE, enough said.

Tsunami of Love

tsunami of love

The last three days I have been in a state of pure joy.  This feeling showed up on September 1st.  Also for the last three days Spirit has been showing me that once again we are in accelerated energies.  The picture that was shown to me in my minds eye was of an onslaught of water rushing through, a tsunami of Love.

Depending where one is on their journey, this could show up in a number of ways.  When one is surrounded by this intense Love energy, for those who are not yet fully open to BEing the Love that they are, it can cause an intense reaction of what appears to be the opposite of Love.

With many cosmic alignments occurring this month, each is bringing greater activations to the planet.  We must try to stay as centered as possible, to be an observer of anything resembling chaos and not to BEcome a part of it.  Go within, connect to your own inner guidance and know that all is well.

A Mother’s Love

My Mother's Love

My Mother came to me in a dream on Saturday.  The dream was of me, my Mom and my son.  My son was a little boy and he was in the hospital.  But on the ceiling of his hospital room was this sticky stuff right over his bed and there were a few bugs that kept landing on it.  My Mom was so irate that the hospital had her grandson in this room that had bugs and she wanted him moved immediately.  That’s when I woke up.

This month is the two year anniversary of the passing of my Mother.  I miss her everyday.  My Mom was usually a very quiet, easy going woman, but when it came to her family, she was fiercely protective.  I feel as though this “visitation”  was my Mom’s way of showing me that even though she is on the other side, she is still watching over me and my son, still BEing fiercely protective.

This weekend was a time of further releasing, many tears and a heavy heart.  But I know she is with me as this is not the only “visit” I have had from her.  I feel she is encouraging me to release any regrets I may still BE holding in my heart regarding our relationship, and to remember all the wonderful times we spent together in this lifetime ( I AM working on it Mom, I promise).  So I end this sharing with the poem I wrote for my Mother after her passing.

Today the Lord whispered to you, He told you it was time, my child I’ve share you with the world, but you were always mine.

He knew our hearts would be heavy with grief, at times we would despair, but in our hearts we know the truth, He never gives us more than we can bear.

Though you are no longer here with us, we know you’re not alone, as you now rest peacefully with the Lord, He called His beloved angel Home.

A Message From My Galactic Family

galactic family

The energetic field surrounding Earth right now is BEing inundated with pure Divine Love, as those who have chosen to awaken are aware of.  Rainbow Unity infused Light to BE felt and integrated.  Those who are just BEginning to awaken, may be in a state of confusion by what to them appears to BE a breakdown of everything they know.  The breakdown of old structures is what is needed at this time for the continued evolution of Humanity.  Though there are those who try to hold on to the old ways of BEing, because for some the need to control and manipulate is their way of life.  Keep the Faith and continue to hold the Light, as all is for the greater unfolding of the Divine Plan.

We, your Galactic family, are in awe of your service to Humanity and we honor and Love you.  As you have noticed, the ability to manifest your hearts desires has increased.  Therefore, it is important to focus on what you wish to see manifest in your physical reality.  You are moving deeper into the remembrance of who you truly are, as all is in Divine Order.

We are always here to offer Love, support and guidance.  Godspeed my child.

Cosmic Energies

A supernova remnant located in the Large Magellenic Cloud

I wanted to capture my experience that happened this past Saturday.  I had to work as we were having several events taking place.  But what I became aware of is from the time I arrived at work and as the day progressed, the energy felt very very dense, like moving through sludge.  Things that normally perhaps may have bothered me, did not.  It was as if I was an observer through all of this.   I also kept experiencing pain in my lower back off and on throughout the day.  I did notice at the end of the night, I felt the energy around me begin to become lighter and lighter.  The whole energy dynamic changed.  It  no longer felt like BEing covered in a wet blanket.

I had a moment of clarity that perhaps this was what was meant in my previous post regarding the converter.  The message did mention Saturday.  Because I am very sensitive to energies,  I believe I was feeling the energy BEing converted.  As earth was receiving the light energy relating to the full moon, a lot of denser energies were being released.  Perhaps I especially felt them because of the events I was attending throughout the day and a lot of people were in the area.

Yesterday felt really light and calm to me.  Powerful energies of Love and Light BEing anchored on earth.  I love when I AM able to move into the observer mode, consciously choosing to remain detached and not allowing myself to be drawn into the drama surrounding me.  There is such a feeling of mystery in the air.  I for one am excited to bear witness to all that is New!