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The Winds of Change

white pyramid image

This morning as I awoke I was shown a vision of a white pyramid.  Very similar to this picture, without the brown wall and sand.   Then it was followed by a vision of a white planet minus the dark background:

white planet image

Directly behind the planet was a large face similar to the below image but with more distinct features.  Keep in mind only the face, there was no other body parts showing.  The face was blowing on the planet.


I was guided to go to spaceweather.com and this is what was there;


I AM not fully sure how all is this is tying together at this time, but I feel it has to do with this solar wind that is happening.  The fact that all of the images were white in color with no other colors showing in the images is also an important component.  Hopefully more information will BE forthcoming at a later time.