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Shamanic Energy Healing

shamanic energy healing

This past Saturday I attended a Shamanic energy healing workshop.  I love when I AM able to come together and share space with like-minded souls.  But I feel this particular workshop served a larger purpose.  As it was held on 12/12, the day a new energetic gateway was opening, the energy and space BEing held to receive and anchor these energies was beautiful.

As I was outside sitting in nature, I looked up in the sky and saw a cloud pattern that resembled diamond shapes interlocking together, like a chain link fence over the space where the workshop was BEing held.  Diamond Light energy!  So many beautiful messages came through for each participant.  I came away from the experience  knowing that deep healing work had been done.

I AM moving into the deeper core of who I AM as I step more into my Power.  I AM in a space of receptive BEingness.