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Spirals Within Spirals

spiral rainbow

Saturday morning I was shown a vision of a spiral formation.  But this spiral formation was made up of many rainbow colored spirals.  Spirals within spirals.  Creation continuously creating upon itself.  Sacred signs of creation.  We may experience time as happening in a linear fashion, but truly time is cyclical.  Each choice we make, as a spark of the Divine Creator, then sends waves throughout many dimensions, not just the one we are physically aware of.

We are so much more then just our physical senses.  As we awaken and move into remembrance of who we are at a soul level, we begin to understand the depth of our ability to create.  Spirals within spirals.  We are vast multi-dimensional  BEings, in remembrance of our own immense power.  We are taking back our own power that we have given away over lifetimes, or in some instances, that was taken from us.

We are in a time of great awakening and change.  Soul awakening and remembrance of powerful creative abilities.  All so we may choose to consciously create from Love.  Spirals within spirals.  Even as all are One, we are also rainbow faceted extensions of God.  Uniquely expressing our own Divine spark through our own creative expression.  We are reflections of All That Is.  The human mind has trouble comprehending the vastness of our BEings.  We have only begun to touch the tip of the iceberg.