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The Faces

faces in a crowd

For a couple of nights this week I have been having dreams where I see faces in my minds eye.  The faces come one at a time and I can see them talking but I cannot hear what they are saying.  It is like they are shown to me as if it is a slide show.  A face will appear, they begin speaking but even though I focus on their lips moving, I cannot understand what it is they are trying to say to me.

This morning as I was waking up ( the in-between space) I was laying on my right side with my ear on the pillow.  The odd thing was I could hear like a group of people talking in that ear.  I remember thinking my son must have his television on this early in the morning.  But when I lifted up my head off the pillow the house was completely quiet as my son was still asleep.

Of all the faces I am seeing I have only recognized one as a deceased family member.  The rest I do not recognize.  I don’t fully understand what this means at this time.  Hopefully more information will be forthcoming for me at a later time.