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The Divine Masculine

divine masculine 1

The last few days as I reflect, something keeps coming to the forefront of my mind.  The Divine Masculine.  I have also been sitting with the beauty of three males in my life who have made such a lasting impact.  Though I know the Divine Masculine is not gender specific, it just so happens, in this case, they happen to BE male.

The first is my amazing son.  From the moment he was born (and before) we have had a bond that is hard to put into words.  From the very beginning, the Love that has radiated from his heart always touched me to my core.  I have to admit when I was younger, I had put up walls around my heart, but he was the one soul who the love in my heart truly over flowed pass the walls I had erected.  We have gone through life supporting each other (yes, that old soul was always present) and knowing we had each others back.  My ex (God rest his soul) sometimes felt excluded from this bond.  As he grew up, I noticed some of the circumstances in his life made him start to also put a few walls up, but never between us.  But now, in this present moment, I see him stepping more and more into his warrior spirit.  He has his own gifts (though he is still in some resistance to them) that I have always encouraged because I was determined he would BE supported in this aspect of his self.

The second is a man I have been friends with for many, many years.  From the beginning there was always a feeling of BEing comfortable in his presence.  Through the many years we have known each other, I have never felt judged by him, he always was there, supporting me in whatever way needed.  I have told him I know we were meant to take this journey together.  I have seen his growth from a DOer, to opening up more into his feelings, opening his heart and learning to just BE.  He is a place of safety for me.

Last, but certainly not least, is my Beloved twin flame.  Since we physically met I always saw the purity in his heart.  He has accelerated my growth in ways I cannot even put into words, showing me the way to Wholeness.  I realize now that his spirit had always been leaving “bread crumbs” for me even before we met physically.   The beauty within (and without) this man takes my breath away.  They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and when I look in his eyes I see eternity.  A vastness that seems endless, there are no words to truly describe it.  He too had many, many walls in place, but each time we connect, I see his continued growth as well.  Even with the walls, they could never hide the Love that he is.  I could feel it, it is sublime.

So for me, these three beautiful souls, representing the Divine Masculine, are to me clear examples of the healing and wholing that is taking place for the Divine Masculine.  Do not doubt that balance is taking place between the masculine and the feminine, inner as well as outer.   Everything is truly in Divine Order.


Standing in your own wholeness (Holiness)

Love mandala

During the holidays I had lunch with a very good friend of mine. We some how got on the subject of Love and relationships and he made a comment along the lines of “with relationships you have to give up your freedom.” Wait a minute, what? As I contemplated this comment for the next few days I realized there are some who may feel this way as well.

True Love, love from the soul, does not ask you to give up your freedom. Quite the contrary, Love is continuously growing and evolving, it is expansive. True Love encourages one to spread their wings and fly. Anything else being experienced is not True Love, as True Love from our soul, our spirit is unconditional. The Love that most of us have experienced have had conditions attached, and that may have given us a feeling of giving up our freedom.

But one must discover their own inner wholeness. This is a process. When we look to others to find “completeness”, what we are really saying is without you I AM not whole. But in truth we are. When we begin to recognize our own wholeness (holiness), we no longer feel the need to search outside ourselves for someone to fill this need. We stop searching outside of ourselves and begin to experience our internal wholeness. We then begin to raise our energetic vibration. This process is a healing (wholing) within ourselves. We then begin to attract others to us who are experiencing this same process. Our relationships then become one of choice, not desperation from fear of losing that person, or loneliness. When we stand in our own wholeness (holiness), we radiate this to others. We live and lead by example. This is how we change the world. There is a fire within you, a flame waiting to be ignited. Stand up and declare I AM Whole! Affirm this and so it is done.