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The Big Rush


Today the energy feels as though it is rushing towards me.  I cannot at this time tell what this will bring in, but this picture captures perfectly how it feels to me.  The odd thing is in the physical world everything else seems very still around me at the same time.  Action and stillness.  Only “time” will tell.

The Winds of Change – UPDATE

image of winds of change

This is an update for yesterday’s sharing.  I was reading a post from Lisa Gawlas, she is amazing at seeing and interpreting the times we are in.  I have included the link below of the post.


I love how Spirit will follow up and give validation to information if and when needed.  The white color of my vision is symbolizing the purity of the energy that is BEing received from the solar winds.  See the spaceweater.com link from my post from yesterday.  I AM still not 100% sure how the vision of the pyramid is fitting in.  Perhaps they are anchor points and the energy is creating portals with the help of the pyramids.  Hopefully I will receive more information about that. This energy is not only hitting the Earth’s magnetic field, we are also feeling the effects in our own magnetic fields.  We are to use this energy BEing received to co-create with the Universe.  We are powerful BEings of change and we are creating the New Earth.

The unknown is not something to BE feared, but to BE embraced.  We only fear the unknown because we  have been programmed to believe we need to know exactly what will happen.  This is our way of feeling in control.  We feel that if we can control a situation, we will BE safe.  Trust that all is well.