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Death and Rebirth


We tend to associate death with an ending, but death is an ending as well as a beginning.  Even physical death is a transition from one plane of existence to another.  Death leads to a rebirth.  What comes to mind is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Glorious in its newness, triumphant in its transformation!  In our rebirth we may find ourselves having to adjust to our surroundings, as what surrounds us may or may not still resonate.  Our rebirth may also be experienced with some anxiety, as what we feel may no longer seem familiar, we may find ourselves in unknown territory.

We tend to observe the unknown from a place of fear; as we may feel like we are walking a tightrope without a net.  But the unknown can be can be viewed from a place of excitement and as we put one foot in front of the other, always trust that you are loved and lovingly guided.

We have arrived in that place, the place of the unknown.  As any artist can tell you, a blank canvas is an opportunity to create a new expression of ourself.  Death and rebirth.  Endings and beginnings.  The natural cycle of life.  How do we wish to express ourselves in this new way of BEing?  Our adventures await!