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The Joys and Sorrows of BEing an Empath

feelings of an empath

I AM an empath. For those who may not be familiar with the term, empaths experience what others are feeling, even when the person is showing the world one “face” , we know what is going on underneath the “surface”.  As I choose to view this as a gift, there are times when it can BE quite overwhelming.  I do not have to BE face to face with someone to pick up on what they may BE feeling.  This can include places as well.  Malls, social interactions, and large crowds can leave me feeling quite worn out.   Enter my spiritual awakening.  Now we are talking feelings on steroids. As I release what no longer serves me, my sensitivity heightens.   After a day of interacting with others, depending on how well my shielding was in place can feel like I have been a punching bag.  Empaths tend to take on the woes of others either consciously or unconsciously.  Our purpose is always to help, which at times can be detrimental to our own well BEing.  The last several months of my Mother’s life my knees hurt in the worst way.  Why?  Because my Mother had arthritis in her knees and I was trying to lessen her pain by taking on hers.  Good for her, not so good for me.  After her passing, the pain was gone like it was never there.  There is also the joy I feel when I AM able to help someone and experience the relief, joy and happiness they are also experiencing.

I participated in a small workshop this pass weekend and not long after I arrived and sat down I begin to experience a pain in my back on the left hand side.  I did not have this pain when I arrived.  At the end of the workshop someone mentioned that they have experienced pain in their kidney on that side of their body.  Oh! That explains it!  As soon as I left the workshop and was no longer in their presence, pain gone.  I know this is all a part of me Becoming who I truly AM.  I look at it as a gift as I AM able to truly connect with others on a deeper level, as I can understand what they are feeling by feeling what they are unable or unwilling to express verbally.  I AM Becoming better at releasing what is not mine, so I do not make the mistake of carrying around what does not BElong to me.  I feel I AM BEing made more consciously aware of this for a reason.  I welcome the expansion of this healing ability.

Surrendering on the Path of the Unknown

caterpillar quote

All I can say is wow!  Things have been intense!  I have been going through major energetic changes, ones that have felt like they were truly pushing me to my limit.  Last week I was experiencing such anger.  I noticed it seemed to BE centered in my heart chakra area.  The strange thing was it was not keeping me from laughing or interacting with others, but there it sat.  It lasted all week until it finally shifted on Saturday morning.  I remember waking up and immediately knowing something had shifted.  I got the confirmation from a friend I had spoke with on Saturday.  She said you have done a complete 180 degree turn since I spoke with you last night.  You are so happy now, as last night you were sounding so down.  This is why it is important to remain in the flow of surrender.  Things can shift quite swiftly from one moment to the next.  Any resistance hinders the integration of the “new” energies.

I also had the feeling of BEing disconnected from my guides, but I know that was not the case.  I have been feeling that whenever I AM going through a “leveling up” of my awareness and frequency, my guides appear to take a step back so I connect more deeply with my own inner knowing.  This happened this time around as well.  I have been receiving my signs that we are in serious accelerated energies.  With these energies some may be experiencing flu-like symptoms, headaches, sinus issues, body aches and pains and/or major mood swings.  We are BEing upgraded and with these upgrades our physical vessels may appear to respond in a negative way.  However this is manifesting, know that all is well.  By all means, please see a doctor if you need medical assistance.

I had been struggling with some things going on in my life, for lack of a better description.  Doubts coming to the surface to be made aware of and let go.  These doubts no longer serve who I AM.  This was confirmed this weekend when I awoke one morning hearing these words:

Do not underestimate the power of Divine Love

This helped me once again center myself in my heart, where all is calm, peaceful and joyful.  I have set some intentions of what I wish to manifest in my life moving forward, this feeling calls to my heart, so I know my Soul is once again in charge and not my mind.  I AM once again surrendering on this path of the unknown.

A New Chapter

A New Chapter image

Friday morning as I was waking up I heard two separate things: The first was The White Ray and then Quantum Leaps.  I didn’t hear anything else so I just wrote it in my journal.  Then on Saturday morning as I was waking up I received the following message.

The heart receives but also gives.  Step into the world of the heart.  Last night a doorway opened to BE able to reach new realities, new dimensions, new realms of possibility.  The next level of Creation.  The White Ray of consciousness.  Do not try to understand this from a place of logic, for it cannot BE done.  You have stepped out of a place of logic and into a space of PURE KNOWING.  Do not doubt that this exists, you are one of many.  Remain open; in tune.  Relax and enjoy. Your steps are guided by the White Winged Brotherhood.  Mother Earth (Gaia) is continuously shifting and evolving, like her “human” counterparts, as you are One.  Beloved, you have mastered much, your remembrance continues.  We love you.

I feel this may explain why Friday I felt like I was in a pressure cooker all day.  Things were shifting and evolving on a deeper level.  This feels like a new chapter.  Time will tell.

Energy Integration

Energy Intergration image

The energies from the full moon/lunar eclipse were intense last week and my energy integration had me all over the place emotionally.  Last Monday I felt on top of the world, but the rest of last week there were bouts of sadness, anger, joy, happiness – a roller coaster of feelings.  I was craving carbs and sweets like crazy, something my body needed to help with the integration process.  By Friday of last week, I felt like I was in a pressure cooker ready to explode.  Things seem to have settled down for now.

Moving More in to the Authentic Self


I had an experience yesterday that had me contemplating about the fear experienced when given the opportunity to express our authentic Self.  Why standing in our truth brings up so much fear of how we will BE received by others?  The more we can accept ourselves as the Divine BEings we are and step more and more into our authentic Self, the more freedom we experience.  Why?  Because we awaken to the truth that we are enough just as we are.  We are people pleasers and over givers because we are seeking Love and acceptance outside of ourselves.  When we go within and get in touch with our inner BEing, we discover we are Love, so we do not have to search for it, we are IT, and our reality will reflect that – as within, so without.

When I was speaking with someone yesterday and they were sharing a situation that had happened with them, they said they did not know how to handle the situation.  When I suggested they just express their truth, say what it is that they are really feeling, they seemed appalled.  When someone else suggested a different choice of not BEing completely honest, they grasped at it like it was a life line and seemed relieved.  I don’t stand in judgement, I AM simply an observer of the human dynamic.  When we are able to stand in our own truth we hold the space for others to stand in theirs and begin to heal.  This is not something that happens overnight, it is a gradual process.  Lets BE gentle with ourselves and others as we move through this process.  We are ever evolving and embracing the true light of our Soul.