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A Brief Sharing

pyramid image

A few days ago a had a vision of three pyramids in sand with a man (or what appeared to be a male) walking toward them.  Imagine my delight when I came across this picture.  Disregard everything in it except the pyramid (as I said there were 3 in my vision) and the color of the sand (the golden orange color).  This is exactly how my vision looked.  I feel the cosmic energies we are receiving are activating ancient knowledge stored in the pyramids until the appropriate time arrived.  The time Is Now.

I know I have been experiencing new activations of my soul gifts.  One is a Light language activation.  I will BE writing about that at a later time.  I feel there is so much that wants to come through, but it will happen all in Divine timing.

Last night while sleeping I found myself in a mental conversation with someone, I remember him saying his name was Errgone (not necessarily the correct spelling, I AM more spelling how it sounded to me).  There was also a conversation about multidimensionality but I can’t remember the specifics.   I noticed yesterday  I was feeling the need to reflect inwardly, perhaps this was why.

Walking the path of the unknown can have its challenges, but at the same time I AM in awe of the magic and wonder we are BEing shown by the Universe.

A Message From My Galactic Family

galactic family

The energetic field surrounding Earth right now is BEing inundated with pure Divine Love, as those who have chosen to awaken are aware of.  Rainbow Unity infused Light to BE felt and integrated.  Those who are just BEginning to awaken, may be in a state of confusion by what to them appears to BE a breakdown of everything they know.  The breakdown of old structures is what is needed at this time for the continued evolution of Humanity.  Though there are those who try to hold on to the old ways of BEing, because for some the need to control and manipulate is their way of life.  Keep the Faith and continue to hold the Light, as all is for the greater unfolding of the Divine Plan.

We, your Galactic family, are in awe of your service to Humanity and we honor and Love you.  As you have noticed, the ability to manifest your hearts desires has increased.  Therefore, it is important to focus on what you wish to see manifest in your physical reality.  You are moving deeper into the remembrance of who you truly are, as all is in Divine Order.

We are always here to offer Love, support and guidance.  Godspeed my child.

Zombie Dream


A couple of days ago I had a dream about people who were injected with some sort of parasitic “serum”.   Those who gave the serum to us wanted to see what would happen.  Most of those that were given this “serum” begin to turn into zombies.  Me and someone I actually know in my physical reality did not turn into zombies.  The ones that did turn into zombies were causing destruction to themselves and others as well as property.  Me and my friend seemed to develop antibodies against whatever we were given.  The people turning into zombies could not seem to see us and if they did, could not seem to cause us harm.

I feel this dreams signifies that those becoming zombies are still BEing controlled and manipulated by others and caught up in the chaos of the 3D world.  The fact that my friend and I seemed to immune to whatever was given to us could signify we are BEcoming more discerning regarding the lies, control and manipulation, gaining greater clarity and awareness, hence, the “serum” did not have the same effect on us as we had built up some sort of immunity.

I guess time will reveal if more information will be forthcoming.

Speaking My Truth

speak your truth

On Sunday I had a dream where I was laying in bed next to my Ex, but I was talking out loud (in the dream) to someone (I believe it was one of my guides).  I was saying that I was going to be leaving.  My Ex and I broke up over 15 years ago and he passed away about two years ago.  When we broke up I did end up moving out and onto my new life.  In the dream, once he heard me say that I would be leaving, he put his hand around my throat.  I had my fingers between his hand and my throat, but I could clearly feel the pressure of his hand.  I said to him “take your hand off of my throat”.  I feel I have more to do in this lifetime, so I did not feel I was referring to leaving this life, but that I meant I would be leaving him.

I feel that in the dream, it was not a case of him trying to hurt me, but I felt his hand represented more of a constriction.  Something perhaps trying to keep me from speaking my truth?  Or since his hand was on my throat, someone else not wanting me to continue speaking my truth?  Perhaps the reference to leave him pertains to me more fully releasing and leaving behind what no longer serves me?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was having head/tooth/sinus issues, which once I took care of the tooth issue, then turned into a full blown cold/cough.  This cold has lasted for over a week, with terrible coughing fits.  I knew in my heart that is was more continued deep releasing, as the two issues were back to back.

As I continue on my journey, I AM sure more information will be provided.

My Twin Flame Journey – The Merge Continues …

Twin Flame merge

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine continues to merge.  The Yin/Yang of Creation. The internal  balance of the masculine and the feminine.   I feel my Beloved more strongly each day.  The expansion of my heart and the Love for my Beloved only continues to grow.  How do I know?  Because my external reality is reflecting my internal knowing.  The Universe surrounds me with signs of the continuing merge.  I AM centered in this Love in my heart.  My TF came to me in a dream and said he would be back.  I have deep faith in this process and the love in our hearts.  Our Soul is one….