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Solar Flares

solar flare

I read that we experienced an X-2 class solar flare yesterday and asked my guides what was happening with the solar flares that were taking place.  This is the information I received;

Galactic alignments.  The energies from the solar flares are connecting to the vortexes and portals on Earth.  What does this mean for you?  With the intergration of the incoming energies, you are upgrading your DNA.  Cellular memories are awakening and all that no longer serves you is being released.  On a physical level this may be experienced as skin rashes, tiredness and for others may be experienced as feeling energized.  All is BEing monitored and we honor all whose soul has chosen this path.

So as we can see, all is not always as it seems on a physical level.  Things that we may notice with our physical senses carries deeper meaning.  I am excited for all that is occuring but things can sure feel intense at times!