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Love with an Open Heart

an open heart.png

I AM constantly amazed by the Love flowing from my heart.  Love continually expanding, radiating out to encompass all.  The overwhelming feeling I AM experiencing at time causes tears to flow.  Doing the inner work so that I can release the wounds and traumas that no longer serve me has allowed me to let down the walls that have surrounded my heart.  With this work I have come to the realization that Loving with an open heart brings with it freedom.  I AM no longer loving from a place of fear, but from a space of self acceptance, self – Love and a knowingness that I AM worthy and enough as I AM.  I do not fear experiencing the pain of heart break because I know that any hurt I may experience is my heart BEing broken open, so that I may in fact move deeper into Love.  A constant giving and receiving of Love, the continual contraction and expansion of Creation.

This Love does not have to BE attached to a particular person, place or thing, but reflects all things.  There is no attachment or co-dependence, only wholeness.  I Love with an open heart.





I AM ONE with Source.  My molecular and cellular structure is vibrating at a frequency that allows me to BE One with Source.  We all are One with Source, but all have not had that full remembrance as of yet.  And that is ok. We are awakening to this knowing.  Some at a more accelerated pace then others, but all is in Divine Order and we are all where we are meant to BE in this moment.  As our humanness and our Spirits merge, we bring this knowledge, this knowing into our physical reality.  These are exciting times for we have the power to create great change.  I AM ONE.  This is my experience.  What do you wish to experience?

Inter – weaving

butterfly interweaving

I have not heard anything from my guides for a while, but at the same time I feel that a process is happening.  It is like I AM feeling the interweaving  or inter-connectedness of different timelines.  It’s sort of hard to put into words.  It’s like I sense like a string that  is coming out from me and flowing out into a timeline.  But I only see/feel a portion of it, I cannot see the end of it, or I guess what would be called the outcome.  This seems to BE something new I AM experiencing.

As I mentioned, I have not heard anything from my guides and I can’t remember most of my dreams.  But I AM seeing physical signs that a things are indeed happening.   For whatever reason my guides have been mostly silent (that I AM aware of) but I feel there is a purpose for this.   It’s a feeling of once again my inner knowing is increasing. Perhaps it has something to do with BEing between the new moon in the early part of January and the full moon that will be happening on January 23.

I guess that is why I have written anything in a while, it feels like I AM in the void again.  The place of infinite possibilities but also the space of integration of the Light BEing received.  I feel excitement building for changes that are occurring!



Cloud Ships

cloud ship

We are not alone.  I know that sounds like a statement out of a movie, but sometimes truth is stranger then fiction.  Last week I was standing in the kitchen at my job and when I looked out the large picture window I saw a cloud ship.  The picture I AM using in this post is not the cloud ship, but it was the closest I could find that resembled what I saw.  Just picture it without the bottom two ovals.  I was transfixed.  Someone walked into the kitchen and I turned around to see who it was, but they walked in and out.  When I turned back to the window, the cloud ship was starting to dissipate.  It did not float away, it literally dissipated.  With the veils thinning more and more, we are BEcoming aware of our proximity and access to many dimensions.  My consciousness is shifting and opening up to all that was previously not in my vibrational frequency to experience.

I did not plan on sharing this information, but for reasons of their own, Spirit was nudging me to share it.  I feel partly so that I continue to step more fully into who I AM and embrace the wonders of the “New Earth”, as well as Spirit wanting information to BE brought forward for those who are also ready to embrace it.  Definitely BEing nudged out of my comfort zone in what I AM sharing.



Physical Feeling of an Energetic Shift?

interdimensional energies

All week the energies have had a feeling of calm to me.  Regardless of what was going on around me, there was still this feeling of calm.  Today I feel floaty.  It feels like energetically I AM in between energetic levels.  But it does not feel horizontal, it feels vertical (parallel).  I don’t know if this has anything to do with my experience last night.  As I slept, I remember beginning to wake up and as I became aware of waking up, I could hear this conversation in my mind.  But I guess as I became even more awake, it was instantly gone.  All I remember hearing is the words “it’s going to be nine bucks”.  I have no idea the context of the conversation other then that.

It is amazing to have the perception of a lot of things going on at once energetically, while the physical reality appears to stay the same.  But I know it is not.  I AM witnessing so many who are in this ascension process.  I “hear”  and “see” this as I have conversations and interactions with them.  Onward and upward!

A Glimpse in Time

precognitive dreams

Last month (December 2015) I had two dreams that I want to make note of.  The first dream, I was in the bedroom in a house I use to live in years ago and right outside the bedroom window was a very large tornado.  I could see the grey spinning funnel, with debris inside very clearly.  I woke up with a jolt.

In the second dream I was talking to someone in a town, I don’t know what town it was but another person came up and said someone’s grandfather was missing.  I said I would help look for him.  I got on a bicycle and starting pedaling down the road.  I came to a hill in the road and went up the hill and as I came to the top and started to go down the other side I noticed that the road ended into a lot of water.  The whole road and surrounding area had flooded.

After I had the first dream in the middle of December a while later I was guided to turn on the news.  I don’t usually watch the news, it is just too much doom and gloom for me.  But I was guided to turn on the news and there was a news story about tornadoes in the Mississippi area.  They showed footage a storm chaser had captured of one of the tornadoes and it looked very similar to the one in my dream.

Very similar circumstances happened after I had the second dream about the flooding.  I was guided to turn on the news once again and there was footage being shown of the flooding that was occurring in the Midwest.

By guiding me to turn on the news on these two occasions, I know it was Spirits way of showing me validation of my two dreams.  I don’t recall having such specific circumstances brought to my attention before.  I will have to be even more aware of dreams/actual events happening so I can start documenting them.


Re emergence image

I have been on winter break from my ” regular job” since December 23.  But before I went on break I was guided to stay very much within my own energy once I started the break.  I spent most of my time alone, just BEing.  Clearing my energy of all negativity that only weighed me down.  The peace I experienced was soul uplifting.

I was not a complete hermit, I did spend Christmas day with my family, but this time was definitely needed to immerse myself within.  I feel excited for all things that came to an end, as well as all the new beginnings for 2016.  I feel ready to re-emerge into the world, stronger and more committed to this path then ever before.