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That’s 626


Recently I had a vision where there was a man behind a counter and as I was walking up to the counter he called out “that’s 626”.  And just as quickly the vision was gone.  I have been dealing with some changes happening in my life, and have been trying to keep in a neutral state and BE in the flow, so I wanted to look up the number 626.  The below meaning resonated with me.

Angel Number 626 is a message to trust that current circumstances will work out for your highest good. The determination and diligence you have devoted to living a consciously balanced and centered life has manifested a continued supply of positive abundance into your life, ensuring that you are sustained, maintained and provided for in your daily life. Hold positive thoughts and expect positive outcomes and give any fears about your monetary needs to theangels as all that you require will be provided as you serve your soul purpose.

Wow, it couldn’t BE any more clear then that for me right now.  We are BEing constantly guided, even when it may feel like we are doing this alone, know deep in your heart that we are not.  Things will and are unfolding in Divine timing, and I AM always amazed at the beauty of it all.


Cellular and Molecular Changes


This weekend I was shown a vision of cells merging and separating continuously.  The above image looks very close to the colors I received.  We are experiencing deep cellular and molecular change, even if at times we may not be consciously aware of the inner changes that are happening.

Humanity is evolving.  Though there may be some resistance to these changes, know that they are for the greater good.  Get as much rest and quiet time as needed, whatever needs to be done to stay centered in your heart.  Do not fear, for we are BEing called back to our true nature.  Know that all is ultimately LOVE.

Time Line Shift


I just had an unusual thing happen at work.  About a half hour or so ago, someone in my office noticed the time on their telephone display said 11:58PM.  So I looked at mine, same thing.  That made me look at all the phones in my office location (there are nine people in this office location).  All of the phones said the same thing.  So according to that the phones had all changed to reflect it was night time. We called to talk to someone at our other office location across the street to see if their telephones were saying the same thing.  No, the time was correct there.  I put through a request to have the time corrected.

A half hour later I just happened to glance at my telephone and the time had corrected itself.  It was back to the correct current time.  The odd thing is no one from the office that takes care of these things had done anything to rectify the situation.  I received a call saying someone would be assigned to take care of it.  Thanks, but it already corrected itself.

The funny thing is, I could see if it was one or two telephones.  Yet, it was every telephone in this location, nine telephones.   Was there some sort of time line shift?  I laugh to myself because some of the things that happen on this journey are truly out of this world.

All Must Be Released

All must be released

This past week has been a blur.  The exhaustion I have experienced the past week has been such that I remember some of the interactions I have had in the physical with others and some I do not.  It was if I was there, but not there.  A participant and observer at the same time.  I would describe the feelings at time as BEing very floaty (if that even makes sense).  I have had to take naps in the evenings before bedtime, and then go off to bed later in the evening and sleep as though I did not have a nap a few hours before.  I know there has been several major accelerations energetically this past week , there were times that I felt I could hardly keep up.

Last Wednesday as I was driving into my development, there sitting on the brick wall of the enclosure where the recycle bins are located was a huge turkey buzzard!  I literally slammed on my brakes, backed up and parked and sat in my car so I could have a closer look.  It seemed as though we made eye contact and once we did he took flight!  In all of the years I have lived in my development I have never seen a turkey buzzard  visit that area!  Saturday night as I was on my way home well after 10:00 p.m. on a road that is not well traveled at night, as I turned a bend in the road, there in the middle of the road was a fox!  He had no inclination to move, so I drove around him.  Between the turkey buzzard and the fox (death and rebirth, adaptability) Spirit is leaving all kinds of clues.

I have been dealing with some fears that were BEing brought to the surface last week.  For several days I was feeling major anxiety.  As I contemplated all of this on a mental level, these feelings were front and center.  All I could do was allow myself to feel what was coming up to BE felt and released.  On Saturday, once I made the decision that whatever was going to happen with what I was dealing with, I would still BE safe and okay.  As soon as I surrendered to what I was experiencing, a calmness settled over me.

I was able to have some quiet time to myself before I had dinner with my son on Mother’s Day and as I was laying still I heard the words “all must BE released”.   This seemed to put everything I had been experiencing into perspective.

I remain in flow.




Two nights ago the number 1010157 popped into my mind as I slept.  As tired as I was I got up to write it down so I wouldn’t forget.  As I was thinking about this number today I thought the 10101 seemed like binary code.  I went to the internet and was guided to a site that said this breaks down to the number 21.  So now the number is 2157.  As I continued to BE guided in my search I came across this when I typed in the meaning of the number 5, The number 5 symbolizes God’s grace.  I immediately felt such a strong resonance to this sentence.  When I looked up the meaning of the number 7, this meaning practically felt like it jumped off the page at me.  The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth (notice the capital “T”). The 7 doesn’t take anything at face value — it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.

A few weeks ago I heard the following words, the power of two becoming One.  When I looked at the number 21 I was reminded of these words I received.  So when I put it all together it is “The power of two becoming One, through God’s Grace with nothing BEing exactly as it seems  and reality is often hidden behind illusions”.    I also found the below picture in reference to DNA and the piece of information that resonated with me.

The very program of life itself—the DNA molecule—contains the ‘Golden Ratio’.One revolution of the double helix measures 34 angstroms while the width is 21 angstroms. The ratio 34/21 reflects ‘Phi’, 34 divided by 21 equals 1.619… a close approximation of ‘Phi’s’ 1.618.


Notice the measurement mentioned of 21.  Aside from the fact that 2 +1 =3 (the Trinity).  I AM sure I AM only scratching the surface of the deeper meaning of all of this, there appears to almost BE layers upon layers of meaning.  Once again, I AM in awe.




Reclaiming Your Authentic Power

Authentic Power.png

I almost did it.  I almost allowed myself to be pulled into another person’s drama.  Phew, close call.  I was allowing myself to be pulled off-center and reacting to a situation, instead of staying centered in my BEing and responding.  There I was, about to hand my personal power over to someone else.  These things happen, after all we are living a human experience.  I AM glad I recognized it before I was pulled into drama that did not even belong to me.

We may not have any control over the scenarios that are BEing played out around us, but we do have control over how we respond to those scenarios.  That is standing in our authentic power.  I know the choice I made to disengage was the right one for me because today I feel light and happy as opposed to feeling off-kilter, frustrated and angry like I was yesterday.  I haven’t experienced that feeling in a long time, but like the layers of an onion, sometimes a situation will appear that seems similar to an experience you have already had.  You then have the question haven’t I already dealt with this?  Perhaps.  But this new situation is giving you the opportunity to see just how well you are embodying all that you are learning and healing within yourself.  A deeper layer of understanding.  I AM grateful for the opportunity for this deeper integration.

As I step more and more fully into my authentic power, the need to please others and seeking the approval of others is no longer there.  We are all sovereign BEings, powerful in our own right.  Remember that.




Cloud Ships

cloud ship

We are not alone.  I know that sounds like a statement out of a movie, but sometimes truth is stranger then fiction.  Last week I was standing in the kitchen at my job and when I looked out the large picture window I saw a cloud ship.  The picture I AM using in this post is not the cloud ship, but it was the closest I could find that resembled what I saw.  Just picture it without the bottom two ovals.  I was transfixed.  Someone walked into the kitchen and I turned around to see who it was, but they walked in and out.  When I turned back to the window, the cloud ship was starting to dissipate.  It did not float away, it literally dissipated.  With the veils thinning more and more, we are BEcoming aware of our proximity and access to many dimensions.  My consciousness is shifting and opening up to all that was previously not in my vibrational frequency to experience.

I did not plan on sharing this information, but for reasons of their own, Spirit was nudging me to share it.  I feel partly so that I continue to step more fully into who I AM and embrace the wonders of the “New Earth”, as well as Spirit wanting information to BE brought forward for those who are also ready to embrace it.  Definitely BEing nudged out of my comfort zone in what I AM sharing.