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Through the Eyes of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

I have always had a strong resonance with Marilyn Monroe, even though she died before I was born.  Even though she was adored by her fans, it always seemed more then that for me.  I know I AM drawn to her inner Light.  The deep mystery that is behind her eyes, as though she only showed you what she wanted you to see.  A kindred spirit?

Last night I had a dream about Marilyn.  We were standing facing one another, as though we were looking into a mirror.  Then I was looking out through her eyes.  I experienced seeing what she saw.  And even though I was looking out through her eyes, I was still very much aware of myself.  Maybe I was given a glimpse of her soul, or maybe even a glimpse of my own.

This dream felt more then just a dream.  Perhaps an opportunity to witness an aspect of myself.

An Ethereal Visitor

ethereal dress

Sunday night I had dream (but it felt as though I was more in the in-between state) where a beautiful woman came walking down a staircase wearing a dress very similar to the picture of this post.  She said her name was Dazz.  She started to speak to me regarding information about hierarchy, but not in the way we understand the meaning of the word hierarchy.  That there is natural order in Creation.  She also begin to speak about the mis-use of power.   I tried very hard to remember the actual words she spoke to me when I woke up to try and write them down, but I was only left with the general knowledge of speaking about these subjects.

I pulled a few tarot cards a couple of times in the last week and two cards I pulled on each occasion was the same.  One card was I must do things in my own rhythm.  That basically I will know how things move along for me and not how others feel they should Be.  The second card was that I not Be overly concerned about how others perceive me as it may BE over shadowed by their own beliefs, so that they may not BE seeing the true me. I have been experiencing this in my physical world.

Things are just feeling very expansive to me right now.  I don’t even know how to really describe the way I AM feeling at this time.  I AM sure things will BEcome clearer in time.




hazmat suit

I had a few dreams last night.  I remember having a dream and my Mom (who is deceased) and two other family members (who are still living) were having a conversation.  I don’t at this time remember what we were discussing.  Last week I had a dream with these same three family members.  My Mom is definitely visiting me more (or perhaps I AM more consciously aware of these visits).

In the next dream I was driving home on this road that I do travel five days a week to get to and from work, so I AM very familiar with this road.  As I got to a section in the road three men in hazmat suits were standing in the road that leads into a development of houses (I have driven through this development on more then one occasion).  I stopped and asked one of the men what was going on and he told me in no uncertain terms to move along.  I remember seeing what appeared to be a large cloud hovering over the houses.  I drove away feeling that they were experimenting on this area.

Then I was talking to a little girl who was telling me about how her family had mistreated her in a past life.  I don’t remember all the details now.  But the next thing I remember is holding a newspaper with a picture on the front page of the same little girl and another little girl standing next to her and several other people.  There was a large headline that said SURVIVORS.  I AM not sure how all this may tie in at the moment.  I do remember feeling that these dreams did not necessarily feel like they happened one after the other, but more of a feeling of them happening simultaneously.

** As a side note to my previous post called Deeper Embodiment in to Christ/Cosmic Consciousness , I just went on dictionary.com to check the correct spelling of a word.  I felt strongly guided to click on the word of the day and this is what popped up.   I just love synchronicity.



A Glimpse in Time

precognitive dreams

Last month (December 2015) I had two dreams that I want to make note of.  The first dream, I was in the bedroom in a house I use to live in years ago and right outside the bedroom window was a very large tornado.  I could see the grey spinning funnel, with debris inside very clearly.  I woke up with a jolt.

In the second dream I was talking to someone in a town, I don’t know what town it was but another person came up and said someone’s grandfather was missing.  I said I would help look for him.  I got on a bicycle and starting pedaling down the road.  I came to a hill in the road and went up the hill and as I came to the top and started to go down the other side I noticed that the road ended into a lot of water.  The whole road and surrounding area had flooded.

After I had the first dream in the middle of December a while later I was guided to turn on the news.  I don’t usually watch the news, it is just too much doom and gloom for me.  But I was guided to turn on the news and there was a news story about tornadoes in the Mississippi area.  They showed footage a storm chaser had captured of one of the tornadoes and it looked very similar to the one in my dream.

Very similar circumstances happened after I had the second dream about the flooding.  I was guided to turn on the news once again and there was footage being shown of the flooding that was occurring in the Midwest.

By guiding me to turn on the news on these two occasions, I know it was Spirits way of showing me validation of my two dreams.  I don’t recall having such specific circumstances brought to my attention before.  I will have to be even more aware of dreams/actual events happening so I can start documenting them.

A Mother’s Love

My Mother's Love

My Mother came to me in a dream on Saturday.  The dream was of me, my Mom and my son.  My son was a little boy and he was in the hospital.  But on the ceiling of his hospital room was this sticky stuff right over his bed and there were a few bugs that kept landing on it.  My Mom was so irate that the hospital had her grandson in this room that had bugs and she wanted him moved immediately.  That’s when I woke up.

This month is the two year anniversary of the passing of my Mother.  I miss her everyday.  My Mom was usually a very quiet, easy going woman, but when it came to her family, she was fiercely protective.  I feel as though this “visitation”  was my Mom’s way of showing me that even though she is on the other side, she is still watching over me and my son, still BEing fiercely protective.

This weekend was a time of further releasing, many tears and a heavy heart.  But I know she is with me as this is not the only “visit” I have had from her.  I feel she is encouraging me to release any regrets I may still BE holding in my heart regarding our relationship, and to remember all the wonderful times we spent together in this lifetime ( I AM working on it Mom, I promise).  So I end this sharing with the poem I wrote for my Mother after her passing.

Today the Lord whispered to you, He told you it was time, my child I’ve share you with the world, but you were always mine.

He knew our hearts would be heavy with grief, at times we would despair, but in our hearts we know the truth, He never gives us more than we can bear.

Though you are no longer here with us, we know you’re not alone, as you now rest peacefully with the Lord, He called His beloved angel Home.

Zombie Dream


A couple of days ago I had a dream about people who were injected with some sort of parasitic “serum”.   Those who gave the serum to us wanted to see what would happen.  Most of those that were given this “serum” begin to turn into zombies.  Me and someone I actually know in my physical reality did not turn into zombies.  The ones that did turn into zombies were causing destruction to themselves and others as well as property.  Me and my friend seemed to develop antibodies against whatever we were given.  The people turning into zombies could not seem to see us and if they did, could not seem to cause us harm.

I feel this dreams signifies that those becoming zombies are still BEing controlled and manipulated by others and caught up in the chaos of the 3D world.  The fact that my friend and I seemed to immune to whatever was given to us could signify we are BEcoming more discerning regarding the lies, control and manipulation, gaining greater clarity and awareness, hence, the “serum” did not have the same effect on us as we had built up some sort of immunity.

I guess time will reveal if more information will be forthcoming.

Speaking My Truth

speak your truth

On Sunday I had a dream where I was laying in bed next to my Ex, but I was talking out loud (in the dream) to someone (I believe it was one of my guides).  I was saying that I was going to be leaving.  My Ex and I broke up over 15 years ago and he passed away about two years ago.  When we broke up I did end up moving out and onto my new life.  In the dream, once he heard me say that I would be leaving, he put his hand around my throat.  I had my fingers between his hand and my throat, but I could clearly feel the pressure of his hand.  I said to him “take your hand off of my throat”.  I feel I have more to do in this lifetime, so I did not feel I was referring to leaving this life, but that I meant I would be leaving him.

I feel that in the dream, it was not a case of him trying to hurt me, but I felt his hand represented more of a constriction.  Something perhaps trying to keep me from speaking my truth?  Or since his hand was on my throat, someone else not wanting me to continue speaking my truth?  Perhaps the reference to leave him pertains to me more fully releasing and leaving behind what no longer serves me?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was having head/tooth/sinus issues, which once I took care of the tooth issue, then turned into a full blown cold/cough.  This cold has lasted for over a week, with terrible coughing fits.  I knew in my heart that is was more continued deep releasing, as the two issues were back to back.

As I continue on my journey, I AM sure more information will be provided.

Dream visitor


Last night I had a dream that I was in a car and drove up to this door.  I parked and got out of the car and walked up to the door.  When I opened the door a cobra that was sitting coiled on a ledge moved and shot out as if to strike.  But it did not.  It stopped short and then recoiled to sit back on the ledge.  I quickly closed the door and made my way back to the car and got in.  Though I was startled in the dream, I did not really feel any fear.  Below is what I found regarding the symbolism of the cobra:

CobraSoul guide, transmutation of the soul, past life memories, wisdom of the Goddess, freedom from religious persecution
This is not the first time that the cobra has shown up in my dreams.  Another time it showed up integrated with one of my female spirit guides in a dream.  The head of the cobra was literally her left hand and the tail of the cobra was her right.
I feel as though the cobra in my dream last night is representing a shift to a different level for me.  The fact that I was opening a door, representing new doorways opening for me?   I am sure I will gain more clarity in perfect timing.
Magic and miracles!