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Rainbows and Moths and Nines, Oh My

clouds and rainbows.jpg

Yesterday was quite an interesting day for me.  In the afternoon as i was sitting at my desk at work, I looked out the big picture window in front of my desk and there was a rainbow coming through the opening in the clouds.  The rest of the sky was relatively cloud covered, so this stood out to me.  Oh rainbow light!  The energies of Unity!


Then last night while I was home relaxing on my couch a moth came out of no where and flew right to me and landed on my chest!  We are all God’s creations but I prefer not to have my signs that up close and personal!  I jumped up startled and it flew off but turned around again and landed on my head!  Hey, what gives!  My light apparently is shining bright if a moth is drawn to it (lol).  So much meaning coming through.


On Sunday, yesterday and today the numbers 9, 99, or 999 have been around me.  I have been experiencing the feeling of something completing but at the same time the feeling of new beginnings – death and rebirth, the cyclical spiral of creation.

I have to admit there are times when I do grow weary on this journey.  But after days like this and some extra needed rest, my excitement for all that is transpiring pours from my heart once again!


hazmat suit

I had a few dreams last night.  I remember having a dream and my Mom (who is deceased) and two other family members (who are still living) were having a conversation.  I don’t at this time remember what we were discussing.  Last week I had a dream with these same three family members.  My Mom is definitely visiting me more (or perhaps I AM more consciously aware of these visits).

In the next dream I was driving home on this road that I do travel five days a week to get to and from work, so I AM very familiar with this road.  As I got to a section in the road three men in hazmat suits were standing in the road that leads into a development of houses (I have driven through this development on more then one occasion).  I stopped and asked one of the men what was going on and he told me in no uncertain terms to move along.  I remember seeing what appeared to be a large cloud hovering over the houses.  I drove away feeling that they were experimenting on this area.

Then I was talking to a little girl who was telling me about how her family had mistreated her in a past life.  I don’t remember all the details now.  But the next thing I remember is holding a newspaper with a picture on the front page of the same little girl and another little girl standing next to her and several other people.  There was a large headline that said SURVIVORS.  I AM not sure how all this may tie in at the moment.  I do remember feeling that these dreams did not necessarily feel like they happened one after the other, but more of a feeling of them happening simultaneously.

** As a side note to my previous post called Deeper Embodiment in to Christ/Cosmic Consciousness , I just went on to check the correct spelling of a word.  I felt strongly guided to click on the word of the day and this is what popped up.   I just love synchronicity.



Deeper Embodiment of Christ/Cosmic Consciousness

step into your power

I AM moving deeper into remembrance of Who I AM.  I am feeling a steady calmness .   I had a few experiences yesterday that in the past would have made me so angry, but yesterday I perceived these experiences as more of an annoyance then having them make me angry.  There is this knowing that I AM touching the deeper core of me.  The embodiment of (descent) is just as important as the ascent.  The union of spirit and human.

I woke up this morning feeling a vortex of energy at the base of my skull.  When I share Reiki healing with others I perceive the waves of energy internally where I AM focused on a particular area of their body.  I feel the energy either move in waves or circular motion as well as feel when the energy comes up against a blockage.  So I find it very interesting to experience this energy vortex at the base of my skull.  Last week I woke up hearing the words inter-dimensional travel.  Later in the day I heard the words awaken to the many galaxies that exist for your exploration.  I feel this energy vortex may be in correlation to this message.  An opening to further cosmic consciousness. I AM in the NOW moment.



Tapping in to the Collective Consciousness

collective consciousness

Yesterday morning as I was waking up (the in-between state) I received the knowing of a step-mother having the fear that she would not be able to handle the responsibility of taking care of her autistic step-son.  This feeling and knowing that it was a step-mother and step-son relationship was very specific.  Was I tapping in to a fear that was embedded in the collective consciousness?

For several weeks in January I had the feeling of BEing off-line as far as having dreams, receiving guidance from my guides/teachers, etc.  But at the same time my inner knowing seemed to increase.  This week my dreams have started again, as well as seeing visions in my third eye.  Is this tapping in to the collective consciousness a new remembrance of my abilities?  Or perhaps just a one time thing?  Only “time” will tell.

I AM also experiencing clarity/insights about certain things going on in my life, but on a deeper level (the bigger picture expanding).  Another layer of the “onion” BEing peeled away.  I remain in the flow and I AM experiencing many synchronicities.  I AM experiencing more patience (never one of my strong points), not feeling the need to push and struggle to achieve my goals.  I AM just BEing.  I AM feeling tremendous peace at this time.


Twin Flame Home

My soul speaks to yours, for we are One.  Purity of heart and mind, we merge into the Love of who we truly are.  My Beloved, you are my shining star, the doorway to our eternal Love.  You have released me from my fears and catapulted me in to freedom.  I melt in your arms as our heart and soul become One.  My beautiful Beloved, welcome Home.