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Birthing the New


I had a dream a few nights ago that my boss at work was asking about the “birthing” process.  I remember talking about what is happening with earth and this birthing of the NEW.  But she didn’t seem to understand.  At that time I started hearing a female voice calling my name.  It seemed like it was coming from off to the side because I could not see anyone else in the dream.  But at the same time it seemed to also BE coming from my physical reality as I could hear it near my left ear.  It startled me awake.

This is the second time within a few weeks that I have experienced hearing talking in my dreams but simultaneously experience it in my physical reality.

I also experienced a vision Sunday morning that showed different items BEing shifted around on an energetic level.  Much shifting is taking place as I like to call it “under the surface”.

Deepening the Release of Layers


I have received guidance a couple of days ago that I AM in the process of deepening the release of layer after layer so I may fully embrace my Wholeness.  I have felt recently that I AM moving in a new direction, what that may BE at this time I AM not 100% sure.  Trusting fully as I walk this path of the unknown.

A couple of weeks ago I saw two buzzard, which for me equates to death and rebirth.  I definitely have been feeling this release, the dying of something old, so that I may move more fully into this new direction.  A message I recently received from someone was they saw a butterfly BEing released around me.  Freedom truly taking form.  The feeling of detachment I AM feeling at this time is also validation that I AM releasing.  No longer feeling any attachment to that which no longer serves me.  I AM always in awe that as I feel this detachment I also feel the expansion of Love emanating from my heart.  It seems like a paradox that one can experience both at once.   Release, then expansion.  Letting go to make room for more of the New in the Now.

Questions and Answers


Today I feel guided to try something new.  With so much change occuring at this time, I thought I would reach out and see if there were any questions that someone would like to ask of Spirit regarding these times.  So please feel free to ask your questions if you feel guided to do so and I would be happy to choose a few and see what wisdom Spirit would like to share with us.

We are walking the path of the unknown.  Thanks in advance for any questions shared.


A message received

spirit message

I am sharing a message I received when I asked spirit if there was a message that I should share today and this is what I received;

The time is Now. We move forward, creating the New, releasing all that no longer serves us. Your soul has chosen this path. You are embodying the truth of who you are and with this power comes great responsibility. Shine your light for all to see, being a beacon of light for those who choose to follow the Light. We welcome all who choose this path Home. You are Loved.

Even though it may feel like it at times, we are never alone, as we are being lovingly guided as we walk our path.


The New in Bloom

stones and bloom

I know this title may seem odd considering we are moving into the Fall season, but the meaning for me has nothing to do with the time of year. I have been doing quite a bit of inner work and I feel I AM releasing alot of what no longer serves me at this time. I AM feeling like a new person, a flower blooming anew. And it is an amazing feeling! As I AM an intuitive empath, this is the guidance I AM receiving at this time. I AM moving towards new beginnings, but I cannot carry the “old baggage” with me into the New. So I AM releasing it. As this occurs I AM becoming lighter, in the sense of feeling such freedom!

With all of this change my blog may even take a different direction in my sharings. I AM feeling called to share guidance I AM receiving regarding the New. I will see which direction I AM guided to go. All of this change is accelerating and I AM going with the flow, as it is not going to slow down anytime soon!

I send Light and Love to all!