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Time Line Shift


I just had an unusual thing happen at work.  About a half hour or so ago, someone in my office noticed the time on their telephone display said 11:58PM.  So I looked at mine, same thing.  That made me look at all the phones in my office location (there are nine people in this office location).  All of the phones said the same thing.  So according to that the phones had all changed to reflect it was night time. We called to talk to someone at our other office location across the street to see if their telephones were saying the same thing.  No, the time was correct there.  I put through a request to have the time corrected.

A half hour later I just happened to glance at my telephone and the time had corrected itself.  It was back to the correct current time.  The odd thing is no one from the office that takes care of these things had done anything to rectify the situation.  I received a call saying someone would be assigned to take care of it.  Thanks, but it already corrected itself.

The funny thing is, I could see if it was one or two telephones.  Yet, it was every telephone in this location, nine telephones.   Was there some sort of time line shift?  I laugh to myself because some of the things that happen on this journey are truly out of this world.