Physical Feeling of an Energetic Shift?

interdimensional energies

All week the energies have had a feeling of calm to me.  Regardless of what was going on around me, there was still this feeling of calm.  Today I feel floaty.  It feels like energetically I AM in between energetic levels.  But it does not feel horizontal, it feels vertical (parallel).  I don’t know if this has anything to do with my experience last night.  As I slept, I remember beginning to wake up and as I became aware of waking up, I could hear this conversation in my mind.  But I guess as I became even more awake, it was instantly gone.  All I remember hearing is the words “it’s going to be nine bucks”.  I have no idea the context of the conversation other then that.

It is amazing to have the perception of a lot of things going on at once energetically, while the physical reality appears to stay the same.  But I know it is not.  I AM witnessing so many who are in this ascension process.  I “hear”  and “see” this as I have conversations and interactions with them.  Onward and upward!

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